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Missional Communities

Missional Communities

Missional Communities are one of the primary ways we seek to fulfill our mission of creating hunger for Jesus and flourishing for people.  We believe the church is a family of people sent on a mission together, and missional communities are the place where this happens. 

Missional Communities work to help us follow Jesus with our heads, our hearts, and our hands by gathering in two different ways:
     1) Dinner Parties, and
     2) Discipleship Groups. 

Dinner Parties meet in homes around our city.  In them we eat together, catch up on life, and enjoy community.  They’re a time for us to grow closer to each other as a family. 

Discipleship Groups also meet in homes around the city.  In these groups we spend time studying/discussing Scripture and praying for each other.  They’re a time for us to help each other repent of sin, remember the gospel, and live on mission. 

 If you would like more information about our Missional Communities, or are interested in attending a Dinner Party or Discipleship Group, contact us at or come and talk to us at our Connect Table after a Sunday worship service.