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Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our mission is to live, speak, and serve as the presence of Christ for our city.  

We believe it is important for the people of God to embody the presence of God wherever they go.  In doing so, we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ who make Him the center of everything.  

As we live out our mission, we desire for these six cultural values to take shape and help form us into a Christ-centered people.

A Culture of Family
As we are reconciled to God and adopted as His sons and daughters, we are also reconciled to one another as brothers and sisters in the family of God.

A Culture of Grace
As we are transformed by the grace of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we extend grace to those around us.

A Culture of Pursuit 
As we pursue the presence of God through His Spirit, His Word, and prayer, we also pursue the people God has placed in our lives through intentional, meaningful relationships.

A Culture of Empowerment
As we are empowered by the Spirit, we empower men and women to lead in the church and city.

A Culture of Enjoyment
As we enjoy God, delighting in who He is and what He has done, we call others to a life of enjoyment in Him.

A Culture of Mission
As we join God in His mission, we live as His missionaries where we live, where we work and where we play in order to make disciples and multiply churches.