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Prayer Focuses for 05/31-06/06

Below are this week's prayer focuses.  

Thursday, May 31

Ask God to make us into more than just a group of people who meet up once a week to sing songs and talk about the Bible.  Ask Him to make us a family who truly love each other with both our words and our deeds. 

Friday, June 1

It’s easy for our faith to be reduced to something much smaller than it really is.  Ask God to make us into a people who know and follow Him. 

Saturday, June 2

Pray for the S Family as they’re serving in Turkey from 05/31-06/11. 

  • Ask God to place them in situations where questions get asked that lead to conversations about Jesus. Pray that when this happens the Holy Spirit would free them from anxiety and give them words to say.
  • Ask God to use them to build up and encourage our Turkish brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sunday, June 3

Like what is described in Psalm 78:5-7, pray that the children in our church would come to a place where they’re able to “set their hope in God.”  Pray that what they learn now—from their parents and their teachers—would be laying the groundwork for a mature faith. 

Monday, June 4

Prayerfully think through some practical ways you can do good to a neighbor, co-worker, or someone around you in need this week.  Ask the Holy Spirit to lead us in this and empower us to show genuine interest, hospitality, and love to those around us

Tuesday, June 5

Romans 12:1-8 teaches us that we're to serve God and others motivated by the grace that He has shown us.  Spend some time reflecting on and thanking God for His grace, then ask Him to make us into a people who truly worship—offer up to Him the whole of our lives—in response to what He's done for us. 

Wednesday, June 6

Thank God that He has given you a privileged role: He has made you an ambassador, a representative of Jesus' kingdom in this world (2 Corinthians 5:18-20).  Ask God to give you words and opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus with others.